1. A group of compromised computers that have software installed by a worm or Trojan is known as which of the following?


2. Which of the following computer security threats can be updated automatically and remotely? (Select the best answer.)


3. You have been given the task of scanning for viruses on a PC. What is the best of the following methods?


4. Which of the following is a common symptom of spyware?


5. Dan is a network administrator. One day he notices that his DHCP server is flooded with information. He analyzes it and finds that the information is coming from more than 50 computers on the network. Which of the following is the most likely reason?


6. Which of the following is not an example of malicious software?


7. Which type of attack uses more than one computer?


8. What is a malicious attack that executes at the same time every week?


9. Which of these is a true statement concerning active interception?


10. Which of the following types of scanners can locate a rootkit on a computer?


11. Which type of malware does not require a user to execute a program to distribute the software?


12. Whitelisting, blacklisting, and closing open relays are all mitigation techniques addressing what kind of threat?


13. How do most network-based viruses spread?


14. Which of the following defines the difference between a Trojan horse and a worm? (Select the best answer.)


15. Which of the following types of viruses hides its code to mask itself?


16. Which of the following types of malware appears to the user as legitimate but actually enables unauthorized access to the user’s computer?


17. Which of the following would be considered detrimental effects of a virus hoax? (Select the two best answers.)


18. One of your co-workers complains of very slow system performance and says that a lot of antivirus messages are being displayed. The user admits to
recently installing pirated software and downloading and installing an illegal keygen to activate the software. What type of malware has affected the user’s


19. A user complains that they were browsing the Internet when the computer started acting erratically and crashed. You reboot the computer and notice that performance is very slow. In addition, after running a netstat command you notice literally hundreds of outbound connections to various websites, many of which are well-known sites. Which of the following has happened?


20. One of your users was not being careful when browsing the Internet. The user was redirected to a warez site where a number of pop-ups appeared. After clicking one pop-up by accident, a drive-by download of unwanted software occurred. What does the download most likely contain?


21. You are the network administrator for a small organization without much in the way of security policies. While analyzing your servers’ performance you find various chain messages have been received by the company. Which type of security control should you implement to fix the problem?


22. You are the security administrator for your organization and have just completed a routine server audit. You did not notice any abnormal activity. However, another network security analyst finds connections to unauthorized ports from outside the organization’s network. Using security tools, the analyst finds hidden processes that are running on the server. Which of the following has most likely been installed on the server?


23. What are some of the drawbacks to using a HIDS instead of a NIDS on a server? (Select the two best answers.)


24. What are two ways to secure the computer within the BIOS? (Select the two best answers.)


25. What are the two ways in which you can stop employees from using USB flash drives? (Select the two best answers.)


26. Which of the following are Bluetooth threats? (Select the two best answers.)


27. To mitigate risks when users access company e-mail with their smartphone, what security policy should be implemented?


28. Your manager wants you to implement a type of intrusion detection system (IDS) that can be matched to certain types of traffic patterns. What kind of IDS is this?


29. You are the security administrator for your organization. You want to ensure the confidentiality of data on mobile devices. What is the best solution?


30. You are tasked with implementing a solution that encrypts the CEO’s laptop. However, you are not allowed to purchase additional hardware or software. Which of the following solutions should you implement?


31. A smartphone has been lost. You need to ensure 100% that no data can be retrieved from it. What should you do?


32. Which of the following is a concern based on a user taking pictures with a smartphone?


33. A smartphone is an easy target for theft. Which of the following are the best methods to protect the confidential data on the device? (Select the two best answers.)


34. Carl is the security administrator for a transportation company. Which of the following should he encrypt to protect the data on a smartphone? (Select the two best answers.)


35. Which of the following is an advantage of implementing individual file encryption on a hard drive that already uses whole disk encryption?


36. You oversee compliance with financial regulations for credit card transactions. You need to block out certain ports on the individual computers that do these transactions. What should you implement to best achieve your goal?


37. Which of the following would most likely be considered for DLP?