1. Which of the following is an example of a nonessential protocol?


2. A person attempts to access a server during a zone transfer to get access to a zone file. What type of server is that person trying to manipulate?


3. Which one of the following can monitor and protect a DNS server?


4. Which TCP port does LDAP use?


5. From the list of ports, select two that are used for e-mail. (Select the two best answers.)


6. Which port number does the Domain Name System use?


7. John needs to install a web server that can offer SSL-based encryption. Which of the following ports is required for SSL transactions?


8. If a person takes control of a session between a server and a client, it is known as what type of attack?


9. Making data appear as if it is coming from somewhere other than its original source is known as what?


10. Which of the following enables an attacker to float a domain registration for a maximum of five days?


11. What is the best definition for ARP?


12. You have three e-mail servers. What is it called when one server forwards e-mail to another?


13. A coworker goes to a website but notices that the browser brings her to a different website and that the URL has changed. What type of attack is this?


14. Which of the following misuses the Transmission Control Protocol handshake process?


15. For a remote tech to log in to a user’s computer in another state, what inbound port must be open on the user’s computer?


16. A DDoS attack can be best defined as what?


17. When users in your company attempt to access a particular website, the attempts are redirected to a spoofed website. What are two possible reasons for this?


18. What kind of attack is it when the packets sent do not require a synchronization process and are not connection-oriented?


19. Which of the following attacks is a type of DoS attack that sends large amounts of UDP echoes to ports 7 and 19?


20. Don must configure his firewall to support TACACS+. Which port(s) should he open on the firewall?


21. Which of the following ports is used by Kerberos by default?


22. Which of the following is the best option if you are trying to monitor network devices?


23. What is a secure way to remotely administer Linux systems?


24. Your web server that conducts online transactions crashed, so you examine the HTTP logs and see that a search string was executed by a single user masquerading as a customer. The crash happened immediately afterward. What type of network attack occurred?


25. Which port number is ultimately used by SCP?


26. A malicious insider is accused of stealing confidential data from your organization.
What is the best way to identify the insider’s computer?


27. What is the best way to utilize FTP sessions securely?


28. Which of the following is the most secure protocol for transferring files?


29. Which of the following protocols allow for the secure transfer of files? (Select the two best answers.)


30. Your organization wants to implement a secure e-mail system using the POP3 and SMTP mail protocols. All mail connections need to be secured with SSL. Which of the following ports should you be using? (Select the two best answers.)